large and small models

An arched, openwork rectangle for a body, a disk opening into the suspended mechanism for a face: Chronos has a new appearance.

This streamlined series features a sleek line in brushed steel which might bring to mind the totems on display at the Primitive Arts Museum of Quai Branly.

Simplicity and precision, or the art of bringing the longcase into the contemporary world!

Horloge comtoise contemporaine design lala inox Utinam Besançon horlogerie française philippe lebru moderne
Horloge comtoises contemporaine inox brossé LALA Utinam Besançon horlogerie française philippe lebru moderne


A minimalist design featuring straight lines to satisfy the need for simplicity by focusing on the essential. The LA-LA collection is perfectly adapted to modern architecture in the Le Corbusier style.

Horloge comtoises contemporaine inox brossé LALA Utinam Besançon horlogerie française philippe lebru moderne

Also available in a
wall-mounted version!

A clockwork object of art open to daydreams and the elsewhere: the wall-mounted version’s hands stroke the concept of mechanical landscape art. Time flows with the rotation of wheels and pinions, which are all swept along by a steel weight with a weightless appearance. This gentle pendulum with an open heart caresses the seconds into hours.
The hours of your day, from day to night and from movement to rest.

Horloges comtoises contemporaines design moderne utinam besançon philippe lebru murale lala


Like a swinging star, appearing and reappearing but always at the end of the pendulum shaft, the lentil keeps time with a gentle rocking movement.


Technical innovations

The self-balancing
pendulum movement

In 2005, Philippe Lebru invented the self-balancing pendulum movement. The invention was awarded the Grand Prix at the international Lépine competition in Paris and the Gold medal of clockmaking at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. At Utinam, the seconds are marked out with an extreme precision. The mechanisms are no longer the prisoners of wooden cases. The gear trains are deliberatively exhibited as an integral part of the clock’s appearance.

A patented concept

The movement is suspended on an axis so that gravity keeps it in perfect vertical alignment. The concept is patented: it guarantees that the mechanism functions perfectly. No more tedious adjustment to balance the movement’s position in relation to the ground. The energy stored in the mechanism is slowly released by the majestic, hypnotising back-and-forth swing of the pendulum.
For eight days, each “tick” is followed by a “tock”.

A heart beats within the house.

Free wheel driven barrel

In this new collection, the mechanical movement has been further developed, and it now features a barrel with a grooved free wheel which enables the clock to be more easily wound.

Metal cable

The habitual red fibre cable has been replaced by a thin metal cable which is much more solid so it does not have to be replaced.

Technical description

Body in brushed stainless steel
10 mm thick.
Mechanical movement
with anchor escapement.
Patented exclusivity.

LA-LA large model
Height: 2.15 m

LA-LA small model
Height: 1.72 m
Width: 0.50 m
Depth: 0.50 m
Weight: 25 kg

LA-LA wall-mounted model
Height: 1.30 m
Power reserve: 8 days