Pop Up
Bubbly colours

While our “romantic” Hortence clocks entered the curve, and our “cubic” Lala clocks turned the corner, our Pop Up clocks definitively brighten the image of mechanical longcase clocks, on the straight!
These new Pop Up clocks are available in a variety of colours, from daringly vibrant to mediums such as plum and concrete grey to classic black and white. The clock cases are also available in materials such as natural wood (elm burr, exotic wood, and so on) or “industrial” metals such as aluminium or stainless steel.

Of course, these clocks may be entirely personalised according to your wishes and décor.

Choose from two versions: longcase (2m high) or wall-mounted.

Horloges comtoises contemporaines design moderne utinam besançon philippe lebru murale popup_gauche1


A more assertive design in the study of curves and lines, in a very graphic style rendered emphatic by its edges and and the concept of folding and unfolding. The clock makes maximum use of the potential of the 1960s material, a compressed composite laminate of kraft paper and resin known for its sturdy solidity and impressive density. It is possible to make fine cut-outs in this material, which is where the clock’s nickname Skeleton comes from: this openwork reinforces and enhances the piece’s mechanical beauty.

Also available in a
wall-mounted version!

Utinam clocks are available in wall-mounted versions to adapt to smaller living spaces. You may mount your clock on the wall using a template to align its three attachment points. The slow movements of the pendulum bring a beating heart to your interior, wherever you choose to hang this clockwork object of art.

Horloge comtoise contemporaine design moderne UTINAM Besançon philippe lebru duo_popup

Would you like that with a round or square pendulum?

Pop Up clocks are available with your choice of two types of pendulums: a square model with rounded corners and a round model. It’s up to you…

Horloge comtoise contemporaine design moderne UTINAM Besançon philippe lebru duo_popup

Technical Innovations

The mechanism itself is yet again perfected.

A quick reminder: our old collection (Utinam Hortence and Lala) were awarded several invention and design prizes, including the Grand Prix in the 2005 Lépine competition and Gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva… And, most importantly, the self-balancing movement is our patented exclusivity.

Free wheel driven barrel

In this new collection, the mechanical movement has been further developed, and it now features a barrel with a grooved free wheel which enables the clock to be more easily wound.

Metal cable

The habitual red fibre cable has been replaced by a thin metal cable which is much more solid so it does not have to be replaced.

An unprecedented
pendulum system...

Forget the barrel blade as a suspension for the pendulum and its movements! Forget adjusting the pendulum forward and backward using the lentil!
The new Utinam pendulum system revolutionises and refines the adjustment process with two cylinders which slide along an axis (like those on old-fashioned weighing scales).
The cylinders are located at the top of the pendulum. The first, vertical, cylinder can be screwed and unscrewed to adjust the time forward and backward. The second, horizontal, cylinder adjusts the incremental degree of the anchor on the anchor wheel.

A round window on the front of the clock gives a view of this subtle mechanism.

Technical description

POP UP skeleton
Composite body
(resin + craft paper)
rot-resistant, 10 mm thick
Mechanical movement
with anchor escapement
Height: 2.00 m
Width: 0.50 m
Depth: 0.50 m
Weight: 25 kg
Power reserve: 10 days
Choice of round or square pendulum