Horloge en place
(Besançon Place de la Révolution)

In 2010, the Utinam Besançon workshop took on a new dimension, going from the minuscule to the gigantic.
The first monumental clockmaking work by Utinam was designed by our time explorer to count down the hours and days over the period of a year from the installation of the new Rhin-Rhône TGV line to its inauguration.
Installed on the pediment of the Besançon Musée des Beaux Arts, this pendulum clock features a luminous device that reveals its heartbeat, heralding the concept of “La Matrice”, the clock of the new TGV station. The hands of “Senestrorsum” turn back in an anticlockwise direction every fifteen minutes in a movement that drives the pendulum in a mad rush, letting time escape for an instant…
The hands turn twelve hours back on themselves for two minutes before beginning to keep time again.

Horloges comtoises contemporaines design moderne utinam besançon philippe lebru horloge monumentale place de la révolution à besançon


Time is materialised by a luminous halo which moves to show its heartbeat.


The countdown is represented by an original hand movement. Every fifteen minutes, they turn anticlockwise, revolving and activating a composition of movements that reveal the elegance of this conceptual clock.

of the clock

This work was ordered by the Regional Council of Franche-Comté to count down the time of the construction of the new Besançon TGV station.
Philippe Lebru coordinated eleven companies of Franche-Comté which participated in this masterly adventure.
The clock is installed on the Besançon Musée des Beaux-Arts on Place de la Révolution.

Technical description

Name: “Senestrorsum”
Weight: 500 kg
Width: 2 m
Height: 5 m
Material: stainless steel, aluminium, POM
Dial diameter: 1.5 m